Missoula roads create unique challenges for drivers. The streets aren't always straight and come together in strange configurations at intersections.

The intersections themselves are sometimes can be so large they encourage unlawful behavior.

Then, there's the challenge of more drivers than what the roads can support or roads so full of cars that it's hazardous for pedestrians and cyclists.

And what about drivers who have bad habits, disregard the rules of the road, or even worse, are driving under the influence?

Now imagine what will happen when Missoula starts getting autonomous vehicles.

The future of driving is already arriving in Missoula. Earlier this week a Tesla Cyber Truck was spotted and drew mixed opinions. It's only a matter of time until we see autonomous vehicles on Reserve Street or using the roundabouts and traffic circles.

If and when we see autonomous vehicles on Missoula roads, there may be a solution that could improve traffic rather than impede it. Have you heard about the studies on adding a fourth light to standard traffic signals?

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StudyFinds has shared new research on adding a white light to traffic signals designated for autonomous vehicles. The study suggests that a fourth light could help improve the flow of traffic.

If you're like me and had a hard time wrapping your brain around the idea of four lights instead of three, this video helps to explain the concept:

As they explain in the video and on StudyFinds.org, we're a long way from seeing changes like this. But something is appealing about the idea, especially in a town like Missoula where traffic flow can be a real challenge at times.

What do you think? How do you feel about having driverless cars in Missoula and/or having white traffic lights for them?

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