It's the season of road construction and Missoula and western Montana will see several roads with delays in April and May.

In Missoula, the city announced a series of water main replacement projects. Three of those projects started on April 1 and will affect downtown and midtown areas; some projects may not be wrapped up until August.

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Another project starts on Monday, April, 22, and will affect I-90 east of Missoula. In a press release, the Montana Department of Transportation announced that 10 bridges need to be inspected in a 10-mile stretch between Bonner and Clinton.

When the Bridge Inspections Will Take Place

Since 10 bridges need to be inspected this won't wrap up until May 14. Weather and other delays of course can impact this, but these 5 weeks between the end of April and mid-May is when the inspections are most likely to take place.

Where the Bridge Inspections Will Take Place

The inspections will be on I-90 east of Missoula between mile markers 108 and 118. Here's an idea of what that stretch of interstate looks like:

I-90 near Bonner Montana
1-90 between Bonner and Clinton
I-90 Bonner to Clinton

How the Inspections Will Impact Traffic

According to the press release traffic will be down to one lane and in work zones, speeds are reduced to 35 mph. They also share the website which shows up-to-date road conditions and could help with travel planning during the inspection period.

MDT noted that they perform "regular condition inspections of all in-service publicly owned bridges in accordance with the National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS)." With the goal for this work to be wrapped up by May 14, it shouldn't impact the summer travel season.

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