Winter is still months away (thankfully) but that doesn't mean we can't have some winter-themed entertainment with "Circus On Ice".

There are a few words in the English dictionary that, when put together, might get your attention right away. Maybe something like "throwing star" or "rabid Dinosaur". Then there is "Circus On Ice", and yes, it's exactly what it sounds like.

This September the Dennison Theatre will be packed with fun characters and jaw-dropping excitement.

The Great Circus on Ice is here to whisk you away on a frozen adventure, where elegance meets excitement.  -Cirucs On Ice

Talented ice skaters, acrobats, clowns jugglers will be on hand to bring all of your favorite circus events and stunts to the ice! Your next question is probably "How are they going to get an ice skating rink into the Dennison Theatre"? As it turns out, they will be using synthetic ice. All of the fun, and none of the mess!

The Missoula Circus On Ice is scheduled for Tuesday, September 5th at 6 pm. Tickets will range between $15 - $25 not including fees, and of course, this is a family-friendly event, and all ages are welcome. Obviously, this is more for the kiddos, but adults can definitely appreciate the talent these skaters will be showing. To purchase tickets online, visit their Eventbrite page HERE.

We still have plenty of Summer left, and tons of great events ranging from Griz Football to Monster Trucks concerts, and more. Get out and enjoy while we still have above-zero temperatures!

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