To be a kid in school these days has got to be a lot different than some of us remember. Since the early 2000s schools have been dealing with safety issues, like bomb threats and gunmen. Now everyday threats are making students and faculty always operate on high alert. It is hard these days to goof around without getting in trouble.

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One parent in Ohio recently learned that school is not the same as when they went. As parents decided it would be fun to prank students at their child's school, by dressing up as Bigfoot and wandering the campus.

According to Fox 8 in Ohio

The unknown person parked in a school parking lot and crossed the campus while in costume but never entered any of the buildings. The person inside the costume appears to have been a parent who came to the school property as part of a “prom prank.” Officials said the school resource officer was able to pull the person over as part of a traffic stop.

With school wrapping up for the year, and graduation day nearly here, we are seeing a few local students do the annual Senior pranks. But you can tell that a person must pump the brakes a little before creating a bigger problem than there needs to be.

Would Montana schools react the same way? Do you think they would have a full lockdown? As a parent, I would hope so. But, as a former student, I would hate to make a tradition of goofing around at school completely taboo. In fact, If my son asked me to participate in a "prom prank" there is a good chance I would agree.


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