When I think about adult beverages and Montana, the first thought that comes to mind is the beer. Montana has some pretty amazing beer selections from across the state. There are big breweries, micro-breweries, we even have cooperative breweries now. A cooperative brewery is made up of member that can learn to brew beer and also be part owners of the brewery. Ronan, Montana has a cooperative brewery.

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Every major city in Montana has at least one brewery, and from the looks of it, they seem to be doing well. But where does Montana stack up when it comes to drinking wine? Montana ranks pretty high compared to the rest of the country.

According to Vinepair.com, when it comes to per capita wine consumption, Montana ranks as the 14th state with the highest consumption. The number one area with the most wine consumption per capita is Washington D.C. followed by Delaware, New Hampshire, Vermont and Oregon. The states with the least wine consumption per capita are South Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah, Kansas and West Virginia.

Montana Wine Drinking
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With Montana's population being one of the smallest in the nation, when it comes to the total amount of wine we drink we rank towards the bottom of the country coming in at number 41. The state with the most wine consumed is California, with almost double the amount of the the next lowest state, which is Florida, followed by Texas, New York and Illinois.


Montana doesn't have as many wineries as breweries, but we may have more of them than you may think. There are multiple wineries in the Flathead area alone.

Montana is a state that sees the majority of adults consuming alcoholic beverages.

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The next time you are looking to enjoy a glass of wine, try to search out one of Montana's local wineries and please enjoy responsibly.

10 Years of Data: Montana's Alcohol Consumption

Montanans are known for drinking alcohol but what does the data say? These results come from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System questionnaire and include 10 years of responses.

SOURCE: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Division of Population Health. BRFSS Prevalence & Trends Data [online]. 2015.

Gallery Credit: Ashley

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