Missoula is in full festival season. Even though it may seem like Missoula is having a festival every weekend (and there are festivals for every month of the year) some of the best festivals happen in July in Missoula.

It's probably because July weather in Missoula is pretty great. It's the start of "U-Pick" flower season at many local flower farms, and farmers markets, Out to Lunch, Downtown Tonight, Missoula City Band, PaddleHeads season, and floating season are all in full swing in Missoula in July.

But one festival back for its fourth year, is becoming a Missoula favorite for its unique flavor.

Many Missoula festivals happen in Caras Park but this one is fun because it's held at Silver Park. Missoula celebrates jazz music, and you'll often hear country music at the Western Montana Fair, but this festival is all about the funk.

Missoula Funk Festival 2024

What's especially cool about this festival is that it's put on by a local nonprofit (and they're name is the best part) called Keep Missoula Funky. They say they are "dedicated to developing and producing public art & cultural events while advocating for and supporting regional artists and musicians, and celebrating the value and importance of diversity in Montana to enhance the vitality of arts, music & culture in the Missoula area."

Credit: Tobin Long
Credit: Tobin Long

The year will feature music from:

  • Auntie E
  • Off in the woods
  • Tanner Fruit & The Juicers
  • Tree Form

There will be food and drinks from some of your favorite Missoula vendors like Aiko's Japanese Fusion and Helios Shaved Ice.

Sunday, July 7, 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm, with a suggested donation of $10.

It will be interesting to see how this festival develops in the future with some interesting changes potentially coming to Silver Park. In May, the city gave initial approval for an 'art walk' to be built at Silver Park, which would feature sculptures. Having a funk festival in a park full of art would be an excellent way to fulfill the mission of Keep Missoula Funky.

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