Yellowstone features some of the best wildlife in the Continental U.S. Moose, bears, bison, dumb tourists, lost celebrities and wolves.

MORE: Heated Debate Over Wolves in Montana Update


A few of them actually look like my dog when he stretches his way onto the couch. Just goes to show wolves are big, wild pups. Or maybe dogs are domesticated, small wolves.

Wolves have been a hot topic out west. Whether or not to remove them from an endangered list. Relocating wolves across state lines and the repercussions of introducing wolves to a certain area.

All I know is this group of wolves is a family. Cross bridges together, stick together.

If you're really bored you can check out the full 10-minute video of the wolves strolling. 

Stunning Photos of Yellowstone National Park in the Fall

Take a "virtual visit" to the Park in autumn. Photos courtesy of the Nationa Park System and photographer Diane Renkin.

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