Before I tell you all about that hefty boy in the picture and we work on trying to find him a home, let's talk about a Take Me Home Tuesdays success story from within the last few weeks!

Hooray for Hope!

Do you remember when we introduced you to Hope last month? She was very sweet and loving but needed to find the perfect fit when it came to new owners and a forever home. Hope is severely impaired when it comes to her hearing and vision. We knew she would need to go somewhere that could provide her with extra attention and training because of the special circumstances. UPDATE: Hope has a new home and it sounds like a perfect fit that will give her plenty of love! And that is exactly why we do Take Me Home Tuesdays!

Meet our new friend, Wren!

You can't miss Wren when he comes walking into a room. He's a beefy boy with some big ol' paws. Even though his size might come across as a bit surprising at first he couldn't be any friendlier.

Wren gets along well with everybody, rides great in the car, and is great with kids. But he would probably prefer to be the only dog around the house. And keep in mind that Wren is big and does like to jump up and say hi! As Katie said when she introduced us to Wren, "he's big-headed and big-hearted."

Want to visit Wren or any other animal in person?

Be advised that the Humane Society of Western Montana has tweaked its hours a bit. They're open Wednesdays and then Friday through Sunday from 1 PM to 6 PM. They're currently closed on Thursdays while they train new staff. The Humane Society is located at 5930 US Highway 93 South in Missoula. You can meet more of the wonderful animals and learn more about the adoption process by visiting their website.

What steps are needed to adopt from the Humane Society?

Start by seeing what animals are available for adoption at the Humane Society of Western Montana website. Then you can fill out an adoption profile, speak with an adoption specialist, and leave the shelter with your newest family member on the same day!

Take Me Home Tuesdays are sponsored by Flanagan Motors Mazda, Paul's Pancake Parlor, and TrailWest Bank.

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