As an ode to March Madness, we created the "Missoula's Most Missed Closed Business" Tournament Bracket to decide which business you miss most in Missoua.

Missoula has been hit hard by closed businesses over the last year and change. I hate to see that, but my chaotic brain combined the idea of tournament brackets and the most missed Missoula businesses.

The tournament field consisted of cafes, burger joints, dive bars, pizza parlors, a skating rink, a movie theater, a wine bar, a trampoline amusement park and an ice cream shop.

You, the voters, decided by voting on matchups in the bracket below.


Here were the results:

Round 1:

#16 Crystal Theater def. #1 Jay's Upstairs

#9 The Hub def. #8 Johnny Carino's

#4 Uptown Diner def. #13 Flying Squirrel

#12 Naps Grill def. Dairy-Go-Round

#15 Tower Pizza def. #2 Dan's Soup and San

#7 The Red Bird def. #10 Skate Haven

#3 Hastings def. #14 93 Stop And Go

#6 Carlos' One Night Stand def. #11 Old Town Cafe

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Round 2 Results:

#16 Crystal Theater def. #9 The Hub

#4 Uptown Diner def. #12 Naps Grill

#15 Tower Pizza def. #7 Red Bird

#3 Hastings def. #6 Carlos' One Night Stand

Round 3 Results:

#4 Uptown Diner def. #16 Crystal Theater

#15 Tower Pizza def. #3 Hastings

It came down to the championship round: Uptown Diner VS Tower Pizza

And it resulted in.... A TIE!?

Do we have to split a championship trophy between Uptown Dinner and Tower Pizza? How did we end up with the same number of votes? What's going on here?

We left it up to our Facebook comments. The tiebreaking vote went 6-5 Tower Pizza. 




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