Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - Democratic candidate Monica Tranel, who lost a close election to Republican Ryan Zinke on November 8, appeared on the KGVO Talk Back show on Tuesday to answer questions from listeners about her unsuccessful campaign.

Tranel first thanked all the KGVO listeners who voted for her, while taking a shot at her opponent Ryan Zinke.

A Personal 'Thank You' from Monica Tranel to Those who Voted For Her

“I want to thank everyone who supported me and you know, we almost got there,” began Tranel. “I'm just really grateful for the support that I got and for all the people, especially the people who listen to your show, who looked at me as that person and voted for me personally and overlooked the partisan politics and I'm super grateful for that. My other message is really to hold Ryan Zinke accountable. We should hold all of our elected representatives accountable, but especially Ryan Zinke. I mean, he made a promise that he would deliver $2 dollar per gallon gas, so let's hold him to it.”

Tranel Explains Why She Ran for Congress

Tranel was asked to explain why she ran for the newly established Western District Congressional seat.

“I ran to serve Montana,” she said. “This is the place that I love that I know and that I believe in and I am doing that today. I'm a lawyer, and I am actively involved in Northwestern Energy’s request to increase our rates by 25 percent. I am working for you the people of Montana in that case to keep your rates low. I told you during the campaign that I would stand up to corporate monopolies for you, and I'm doing that.”

Tranel said her opponent received the bulk of his campaign financing from out-of-state organizations.

“He got half a million dollars from Conoco Phillips last year,” she said. “That corporation is one of six that made $100 billion in profits in the last six months. That's a lot of money. So let's hold our elected officials accountable to us, the people. We're his constituents now, so we all need to do that.”

Tranel said when it comes to Ryan Zinke to 'Follow the Money'

Tranel said when it comes to political campaigns follow the money.

“So Ryan Zinke’s campaign was funded by the National Republican Party, Steve Daines’ PAC and Ryan Zinke’s out-of-state donors,” she said. “Across this campaign and across this district I had people saying ‘we're so worried you're going to go and vote the national party line’. In reality look at the money, Ryan's Zinke is bought and paid for by corporations and the national party. I was funded by you Montanans and that's who I was going to serve. So follow the money, follow the money 100%.”

Zinke defeated Tranel 50 to 46 percent in the general election.

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