Here is the most controversial song from the year you were born.

Rock and metal music is known for its connection to controversy. After all, what other type of music courts the controversial in the same way that envelope-pushing, forward-thinking rock and metal artists do? We're sure you can think of a few such bands off the top of your head.

But not all controversial music comes from the rock and metal world, as we've seen many times through the years. In fact, do you know what the most controversial song was playing on the radio the year you were born? You might be surprised at the answer.

Because, depending on when you were born, it could be from a prominent rock or metal act such as System of a Down, Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine or even the Sex Pistols.

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Then again — also depending on when you were born — it might be from a pop music artist, hip-hop artist, or even an entertainer from some other genre.

Most Controversial Song by Birth Year

Want to know the most controversial song from the year you were born? Read below to find the answer.

And don't be afraid to check your birth year, because we're going way back on this one — all the way back to the prohibition era in the U.S. So you'll certainly be able to find your birth year!

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