I have spent almost a year preparing for the amount of time that would disappear while playing Far Cry 5. It truly is one of those games that will cause what I like to call a "Time Warp." Meaning, when you start playing you might not stop for hours, and not even realize the time passed. The reason why? The game offers so much to do outside of the missions and story objectives. Not to mention it takes place in what appears to be our own back yard.

Wanna buy a new truck? Wanna upgrade your favorite rifle? Want to get that new fly rod you just unlocked? My favorite way to make money for these upgrades is to go hunting. Each critter skin you gather, will get you a minimum of $100 in the game. With some rare critters, like grizzly bears or wolves, getting you much more.

But, how much can you get if you bag a mythical creature like the infamous JACKALOPE?

I was shocked to find a jackalope appear during a cut scene, and it looks like I'm not the only one who's found it.

ubisoft/far cry 5
Ubisoft/Far Cry 5 via user TheMooseChops on Reddit

My first thought was "can I hunt a jackalope?"

It appears the answer is YES. Search for hare north of the Moonflower Trailer Park. You never know when the "bliss" might turn one of those fluffy little bunnies, into a antlered beast. Now I just gotta bag one for myself...

Ubisoft/Far Cry 5 via @SayaelNu on Twitter

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