Episode Six of the Loudwire Podcast will feature Korn’s James ‘Munky’ Shaffer! In this podcast preview, the guitarist speaks about how The Serenity of Suffering producer Nick Raskulinecz pushed Korn to bring back major dynamics from their classic sound.

Korn took a major dynamic shift in 2011 with The Path of Totality, shining a spotlight onto dubstep and electronic influence. The experiment paid off with cuts like “Get Up!” and “Narcissistic Cannibal,” but Korn fans have always held the band’s nu-metal blueprint at the highest regard.

As a longtime fan, Nick Raskulinecz spoke from that exact perspective when he mapped out the creative direction of The Serenity of Suffering with Munky and Brian ‘Head’ Welch. “We needed Nick’s help to focus our energy,” Munky says. “‘What happened to the heavy guitar riffs? What happened to the back-and-forth with you and Head? Where’s the angry, screaming vocals of the heavy riffs? Where’s Fieldy’s bass? You can’t even hear his bass anymore,’” Munky relays Raskulinecz’s words.

Munky continues, “[Nick] kind of put his neck out there in the sense that we may not like what we’re about to hear. He was willing to take that chance and be honest with us. Some of it was difficult to hear, but he was right.”

Hear more about Korn bringing back their classic sound for The Serenity of Suffering in the clip above! The full Loudwire Podcast with James ‘Munky’ Shaffer will hit YouTube and iTunes on Oct. 20! The Serenity of Suffering will be released Oct. 21, so click here to pre-order the album!

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