You think you can handle HOT wings? Not just spicy....But HOT!!!! Take it from a seasoned hot wing pro, it is not for the weak.

Yeah Yeah! You like to talk a BIG game about how you like your food HOT! How you "have a cast iron stomach." Trust me, I have seen lots of people step up and try some extremely hot challenges. They act calm, cool and collected. But there is nothing you can do to stop the tears from falling down your face, when you actually feel the HEAT. Some may be able to take the heat without any issues at all, but I guarantee you those "tough guys" aint so tough the next day on the "throne." That is why I always say "a hot wing challenge is more of a marathon, than a sprint."

The Thomas Meagher Bar is hosting yet another competitive eating contest for the month of January. This month is featuring some "KITCHEN HOT" wings. What's "Kitchen HOT?" That is when you give the cooks full authority to create the hottest blend of peppers and spices that they can to try and break you.

Think you can handle 10 of the hottest wings in Missoula? The winner of this month's competition takes home a $75 TMB Gift Card.

Limited spots available. Sign up by messaging the Thomas Meagher Bar on Facebook.

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