The new ‘Doctor Who’ Series 7 trailer has fans anticipating the show’s return to the tube this fall. The trailer gives us a preview of The Doctor’s crazy new adventures, but it’s lacking any scenes featuring an exciting new addition to the show, The Doctor’s new companion, Clara, played by crush-worthy UK actress Jenna-Louise Coleman.

Coleman doesn’t have a huge list of credits to her name, but she’s a bright, talented and sexy young actress who has pretty much become a household name across the Pond after appearing in a few BBC productions.

U.S. geeks may recognize Coleman’s lovely face from her small role as Connie in the hit Marvel flick ‘Captain America: The First Avenger.’

The 26-year-old actress started acting in 2005 and landed the ‘Doctor Who’ gig last March. She’s been tight-lipped about her role on the series, but we’re looking forward to watching her through space and time after the show waves goodbye to the Doctor’s current companion, Amy Pond, played by previous Crush of the Day, Karen Gillan. That Doctor gets to jump from one hottie to the next. He’s a lucky man!


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