Have you or anyone you know tried to call a cab in Missoula recently? As it looks right now, a good old-fashioned Cab ride may be hard to find in Zootown.

I have to admit, it's been many years since I have personally ordered a taxi. However, I know many bartenders that used their services weekly to order rides for customers, or even our older Missoula citizens that would get weekly rides to their appointments, grocery shopping, or simple errands.

Over the weekend I watched a local Missoula bartender try to order a cab for one of his regulars, only to be told on the phone that our local Yellow Cab was no longer in service. A quick Google search provided the statement that they were "permanently closed".  I myself couldn't believe it. Could we have just lost another long-standing Missoula business? Even after calling, and going to their website to try and book online, I was told that "booking was unavailable".  Now, I can't 100% confirm that Missoula Yellow Cab is done for good, but if it walks like a duck...

The same goes for the Yellow Cab alternate, Missoula Green Taxi. A quick Google search revealed that they are "permanently closed" as well, and after dialing the number on hand to book a ride, the number has been disconnected.

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I'm personally not surprised, as I'm sure you, the reader aren't either. With other options in town like Uber and Lyft at the touch of your fingers, they have been taking big market shares in the ride business not only in Missoula but nationally as well. Even New York City, a place known for taxi cabs, is struggling to keep up with these digital companies and they have had to partner up with them just to stay alive.  

I want to say I'm all for progression, and making things easier, but I sure do feel for these long-time employees and the loss of nostalgia that this shift will bring. If anyone has any official word or update on the closing of Missoula Yellow Cab, or Green Taxi of Missoula, please feel free to reach up so we may update the story as needed.

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