You know those black & white "Keep Missoula..." bumper stickers that are all the rage with the hip kids about town?  It all started with "Keep Missoula Weird".  Then came "Keep Missoula Beered".  I saw the latest on the back of a crappy college student car yesterday, "Keep Missoula Beard", accompanied by a simple illustration of a beard.

What's next Missoula?  When will we run out of words that rhyme with 'weird'?  We may have to consult the Beastie Boys for help.  After all, these are the lyrical geniuses who rhymed "float" with "billy goat".  I vote that MCA brings back the goatee, by the way.

My best guess for the next "Keep Missoula" sticker is "Keep Missoula Sheared", accompanied by a simple illustration of a hippie grooming her, uh, downstairs.  Yeah, I like that.  Who's making these stickers?  I'm trade marking that chiz.

What else rhymes with 'weird'?  Feared?  Oh!  I just thought of a perfect one that would be printed in rainbow colors rather than black & white, and would ONLY be appropriate on the vehicles of my lesbian friends.

What do you think the next round of "Keep Missoula" stickers should say?