Have you ever stayed up late and fell in love with some of the movies that would come on? Some of the craziest movies from giant monsters to frat house comedies. Some of my favorites are the ones that embrace the weird and take it to the next level.


What is worse than a zombie apocalypse? A robot uprising? A zombie robot uprising? Those are all things that will be addressed in the new movie "Cuisine de la 'Pocalypse."

According to the event page, the plot of the movie goes like this:

The Apocalypse is here. For one chef named John, it will take more than the end of the world for him to give up on his dream of getting his cooking show “out there”. John lives in the Gilligan Island-esc town of New Missoula. After he uploads his show to the town’s makeshift internet service, the apocalyptic town’s exact location becomes known to the world. New Missoula has no choice but to assemble a team of their strongest, most able-bodied citizens to manually stop the download.

Starring some familiar faces that include:

Emilio Rivera (Sons of Anarchy and The Mayans)

"The Long Game" Nosotros Community Screening And Reception
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Natasha Leggero (Let's Be Cops and The Do-Over)

Byron Allen's 5th Annual Oscar Gala 2023 Benefiting Children's Hospital Los Angeles
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And KEVIN SORBO (Hercule: The Legendary Journey)

Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' "The 15:17 To Paris" - Red Carpet
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A RED CARPET EVENT is happening at the Wilma on Thursday, May 23rd at 5 PM for $15. This is your chance to meet the cast, as well as the Missoula-born director Kyle Weingart.

Just one look at the trailer and you will be hooked. Watch closely for cameos from popular Missoula celebrities and businesses. I love that Paul's Pancake Parlor and Jill Valley survive the apocalypse. That makes me hopeful.

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