Remember our old "Kick It For Tickets" contests? To your dismay and our amusement, it's making a comeback for our 18th birthday.

This is your chance to win 2 PREMIUM tickets to the very sold out Pearl Jam show at Grizzly Stadium. If you're not familiar, this is how it works. You sit in the same spot as long as you can, the person who sits the longest, wins. It sounds easy, but complications such as having to use the bathroom and sleepiness occur. Oh, and you can't have your smart phone. In the past, this contest has lasted anywhere from 12 hours to overnight, so be prepared.

You CAN bring friends and helpers though, so they can feed you, refill your drink and most importantly, keep you company. Think you've got what it takes to sit and do nothing in the name of Pearl Jam?

Register to participate now, we'll only take 12 participants with 3 alternates. You must be at least 21 years old to participate. The contest will be held on Saturday, May 19th at noon at Local's Only and will go until the last human is sitting. Local's Only has a full bar and menu, and we'll supply t-shirts and music.

General Townsquare Media Contest Rules apply and alternates will be called if any of the dozen chosen participants drop out prior to the start of the contest.


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