Static-X are once again down a bassist, as the band’s latest four-string player, Brent Ashley, has just announced his exit from the group.

Ashley was brought in to fill the void left by the group’s long-standing bassist Tony Campos, who split with Wayne Static and his group on less than amicable terms. The timing of Campos’ exit coincided with Static’s decision to pursue his solo project, but when the vocalist decided to re-engage his band again Campos did not return.

Ashley, who had been part of the rejuvenated lineup since they returned in early July, tweeted, “Being the professional that I am, I won’t call anyone out or point fingers as to why I left. But, if ya meet me in person … feel free to ask.”

Static-X have little time to find a new bassist, as their tour with Emmure and Ill Nino is rapidly approaching.

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