You likely don't follow all the dumb horsecrap Lindsay gets her self into on a regular basis, but she's fairly hot and likes to party so we like that about her.  We'll definitely check out her Playboy spread coming out later on this month.  I don't know if she's in jail or what at this point, but she's Tweeting and posting on Facebook from somewhere, yesterday she posted this pic of her Playboy cover.

Lovin' that Playboy chair, that's rad.  Thank Santa for Photoshop, she looks damn good.  Looking forward to seeing the rest.  She's supposed to be on the Ellen show on the 15th to give a sneak preview of the spread...I'm a chick and I wouldn't even suffer Ellen for that.  We'll be patient and wait for the actual issue.  Lindsay reportedly scored a million bucks to do the issue.

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