Lets face it, we have been really patient during this pandemic. REALLY, REALLY PATIENT! Granted we have been able to watch some sporting events on TV. Such greats as the Cornhole championships, UFC 250 without spectators and even PBR in some guys warehouse. But, most local sporting events have been cancelled. Everything from archery tournaments to co-rec softball. We NEED sports and we NEED them NOW!

With Summer officially arriving this weekend, there is only so much we can take. We need our baseball in the summertime, about as much as we need air conditioning and cold beer. Thankfully the Eagles Baseball Club is celebrating the first official day of summer with a DOUBLE HEADER!

According to the Eagles Baseball Club website

We created this club with the goal of bringing high school baseball to Montana and to offer players an option to play baseball in Montana after Little League. Our goal for the league is to offer an affordable and competitive baseball experience to all players. We also strive to find college placement for our players if that is their goal. 

Starting at 2pm this Saturday 6/20, The Missoula Eagles will be taking on the Billings Expos in a double header. 

OH! Yes! There will be concessions available on 1st base line.

Its going to be a gorgeous day for a baseball game. Welcome summer.

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