The concert industry is doing everything they can to keep us entertained during the pandemic. It has been a tough couple of months for all of us, but especially hard for those of us who where excited for concert season. It just doesn't feel like summer this year. Usually about this time, we have already seen a couple highly anticipated shows, and were still excited about the tickets we had for upcoming shows. But, in 2020, those tickets are non existent, or just a reminder of how long we have to wait for the re-scheduled shows in 2021. But, thankfully artists and the concert industry in general are teaming up to find ways to keep it going while keeping it safe.

The pandemic has really proven technology to be an even stronger player in the game than we previously thought. Lots of big names have turned to LIVE Streaming concerts as a way to connect with fans. At first you might think "well, it is just not the same as actually experiencing a live show." And to that I say "duh, but it is better than nothing." And, you might be surprised by how well the live streams are put together. When done properly, these shows can bring up just as many emotions as you might experience at the show.

For anyone bummed about not being able to see Ministry this Friday, you will be happy to know that they will be back in Missoula on April 2 2021. But, just incase you cannot wait that long to witness Ministry and KMFDM, they will be LIVE streaming their performance from the Shobox in Seattle this Wednesday July 1st. Simply clink the link below to get registered and you can enjoy Uncle Al from the comforts of home.

80s Missoula Concert Ticket Stubs


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