As you’re likely aware, we have no shortage of great concerts lined up for the spring and summer… Primus, Arctic Monkeys, Lamb of God, Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, Cake… but there’s one coming up soon that you really shouldn’t let fly under your radar. The concert I am speaking of comes courtesy of Local H, who will be performing at The Top Hat on Thursday, April 18.

For those of you not already in the know, Local H is a two-man alternative rock band from Chicago. The band started in 1990 as a three-piece, but after their original bassist left in 1993, frontman Scott Lucas modified his guitar to include bass pickups, and the band continued as a duo. They are best known for their ‘90s hit “Bound for the Floor," off their highly acclaimed 1996 album “As Good as Dead." You’ve probably heard it on The Blaze before.

Local H is no one-hit wonder, though. The band has recorded a wealth of great rock songs spread out over seven albums. Other noteworthy songs of theirs include “High-Fiving MF,” “Eddie Vedder,” “Fritz’s Corner,” “All the Kids Are Right,” “Half-Life” and “California Songs.”

The band is touring in support of their latest studio album “Hallelujah! I’m a Bum,” which was released in September 2012. It is a 17-song concept album based around the 2012 political climate in the U.S., and it is totally awesome from start to finish. Below is the video for one of my favorite songs off the album, “Night Flight to Paris.”

The upcoming Missoula show is happening amid some interesting circumstances. After a performance in Russia on February 20, Scott Lucas was attacked by a mugger and came out of the incident with injured vocal chords. He was reluctantly forced to cancel the first several dates of the Local H spring tour so that his voice could recover. Fortunately, his recovery is going smoothly and he will be ready to rock Missoula on April 18.

Trust me, if you’re a lover of good rock music (and you obviously are if you’re reading this), you won't want to miss Local H at The Top Hat. Tickets for the show are $12, and can be purchased at Rockin’ Rudy’s, Ear Candy and online.