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The ownership of The Wilma and Top Hat Lounge have established Logjam Presents, a new entertainment promotion and production company headquartered in Missoula. Logjam will primarily focus on promoting and producing live entertainment in the Northwest region of the United States.

When shows are booked at both the Top Hat and The Wilma, it is done in house by Nick Checota and his staff, as opposed to outside promoters. So what this means is that since they are already booking their own talent, they have launched a production company, Logjam, which will still book all of the shows at those two venues, but can now book beyond Missoula, across the Northwest.

Logjam will include Dan Torti as Vice President of Operations and Ryan Torres Vice President of Marketing and Promotion, which is awesome, these two are very bright & knowledgeable and have been with the Wilma for a number of years.

Owner Nick Checota explains, “Logjam has been formed as regional entertainment company with a  commitment to the artist and concertgoer experience.”  Checota believes that Logjam will achieve this commitment through a dedication to superior artist hospitality, best-in-class sound and light production, and world class guest services.  In the opinion of Checota, “The Wilma and Top Hat Lounge have created a unique artist and concertgoer experience through major investments in production and state-of-the-art facilities that are unmatched in the region.” In addition to making major capital investments in the venues, Checota attributes success of The Wilma and Top Hat Lounge to the fact that the principal officers work and live in the region in which they promote and operate.

According to Checota, Logjam will continue to aggressively grow its operations, but will do so in a manner that does not sacrifice its commitment to an exceptional artist and concertgoer environment.

Nick Checota, keepin' it local as he's always done, which is pretty great news.


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