Here in Montana, we have a certain way of talking. I guess you can call them Montana-isms. You know, things like calling a can of soda "pop." Or calling a creek a "crick." They are words that all Montanans can admit they have said at one time or another. There is one saying that is all too familiar in Montana, that we have never fully agreed on. A saying that sparked a debate that has lasted generations.


According to

Does a bear s#!t in the woods is "(colloquial, rhetorical question, mildly vulgar) A rhetorical question in response to a question whose answer is an emphatic yes."

In other parts of the country, people may use other phrases that are synonymous with the bear question.
-do fish swim?
-is the Pope Catholic?
-is the sky blue?
-is water wet?
-is snow white?
-is a frog's butt water tight?

Regardless of what someone might say, the answer to the question is always "YES." But, do we really know that a bear always expels bodily waste, specifically in the woods? Can a bear have a bowel movement in other places? I, for one, have seen bear scat on golf courses. I have also seen bear doo doo on the side of a highway. Granted both sightings of dung where nearby the "woods." They most definitely were not located "IN THE WOODS."

Thankfully, a magnificent photo has surfaced online. A photo that can finally resolve the debate. A photo of an actual bear "pinching a loaf" IN THE WOODS. We can all rest easy knowing that the age old saying is in fact TRUE.

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