If you're not familiar, music video director Eric Willienheim is a genius, and every one of his videos is like a weird, sexy acid trip.  His newest creation is this video for Diplo's Major Lazer song 'Bubble Butt.' We already loved this song, but we were not prepared for how awesome this video is.

We love pretty much everything that DJ and producer Diplo has put out on his label Mad Decent, especially the 2012 'Express Yourself' EP and anything at all from Major Lazer. He is constantly collaborating with incredible talent like Datsik, Flinch and Elephant Man, so each new Diplo track is a booty-poppin' masterpiece, and so are the videos.

Check out our 5 favorite booty-concentrated Diplo videos below, starting with the newest track, 'Bubble Butt.' If you love Diplo as much as we do, support him by buying his music.

  • 'Bubble Butt' (Ft. Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga & Mystic)

    Director: Eric Wareheim

  • 'Express Yourself' (Ft. Nicky Da B)

    Director: KarmaloopTV's @LILINTERNET, Shomi Patwary

  • 'Butter's Theme' (Ft. Gent & Jawns)

    Director: Reuben Dangoor
    Co-Director & VFX: Gabriel Ayache

  • 'Set it Off' (Ft. Lazerdisk Party Sex)

    Director: Ryan Staake

  • 'Pon De Floor'

    Director: Eric Wareheim

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