A man is being held in the Missoula County Jail after a car crash late Sunday night, that appears to be related to earlier criminal activity.

"Officers responded to the report of a vehicle collision in the 2200 block of South 5th Street West, as they were responding, the dispatcher advised them that, per witnesses at the scene a suspect had jumped out of a vehicle and fled on foot," said Missoula Police Spokesman Travis Welsh. "They further learned that the occupant of the vehicle had actually driven into a parked, unoccupied car."

Eyewitnesses to the crash helped police to locate a suspect, 19-year-old Jadedacus Science Moldonado, whom they said ran into a nearby alley. Running from the crash wasn’t the only crime that Mr. Moldonado is accused of.

"As the investigation progressed, it was determined that the vehicle that Mr. Moldonado was driving was one that was reported stolen earlier in the 200 block of South Fifth Street East and his intention was to get police to chase him, according to early statements at the scene," Welsh said.

The vehicle Maldonado had been driving was reported about four hours before his arrest, he is now facing two felony charges… one for the theft of the vehicle, and another for criminal endangerment.

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