Pictures of a "wolf-like" creature quickly went viral last month after photos of the animal were taken on a ranch near Denton, Montana and sent to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Immediately, speculation arose that the animal might be evidence of a werewolf or some other cryptid, The Washington Post even considered options such as big foot, or a dog-wolf hybrid.

The animal had been shot by a rancher after getting to close to domesticated animals, so the body was available for testing and that's just what Montana FWP did, however the DNA results aren't exactly stunning. According to a statement released by FWP "The conclusion was clear – this animal is a gray wolf from the northern Rocky Mountains."

Early reports of the animals ears being abnormally big or paws being abnormally small also don't seem to follow through with the eyes-on inspection. According to FWP,  "Confusion about the animal might be due to the condition of the animal and the photos, which seemed to show short legs and big ears. Inspection of the animal at the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks wildlife health lab in Bozeman revealed a relatively normal looking, dark brown wolf."

For a real buzzkill, FWP has released the actual DNA test for further proof, it can be found at the bottom of the page here.

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