The wolf hunting debate continues. It drives me insane to hear the amount of people who try to argue the topic with big words and statistics. The pro wolf hunting and anti wolf hunting folks around the nation are itching for a fight. Jason Maxwell is taking a stand, and doing what he can to support his cause.

Montana has recently opened a wolf hunting season, to try and manage the quickly growing packs wolves in the state. The FWP has even raised the limit for the 2013-14 season on how many wolves a hunter is allowed to take. Each licensed hunter in Montana will be allowed to buy up to 5 wolf tags.

Bottom line of the argument is, there are 2 apex predators fighting over the same prey. Doesn't matter who was here first. The prey will soon disappear.

Jason Maxwell recently had the idea to sit at an I-90 off ramp and collect donations for wolf tags. He is hoping it will encourage people to get out in the field and pursue the predator, if it means they can get a tag for free.

According to KECI

Maxwell says he and his girlfriend will sporadically collect donations until the wolf season kicks off in September. People can go to a face book page he set up, and “like” a specific post to be entered into a drawing to have a payment for a wolf tag reimbursed.

“We figure we would give hunters an incentive to get back out there and chase an animal that’s not going to fill your freezer,” said Jason Maxwell, who created a cardboard sign that reads “I have a job, but I am taking donations to buy hunters wolf tags.”


See the report from KECI.