In less than six months, Missoula Police have arrested 23-year-old Dustin Bushell three times on a slew of charges ranging from felony theft to escape. On Wednesday night, police went to a location on Coolie Street to arrest Bushell again, but when they approached the door, he hid. According to Missoula Police spokesman Travis Welsh, his girlfriend later told police that Bushell was in the process of assaulting her.

"During the time when he backed into the area where officers couldn't see him, apparently he brandished his knife and threatened his girlfriend with it, that's what she told officers when she walked out of the residence," Welsh said. "Also, he grabbed her and held her against her will because she was saying that she needed to come out. She reported that he covered her nose and mouth so that she couldn't speak or breathe."

Somehow the girlfriend broke away and went to police while Bushell attempted to make a getaway.

"At that point, officers heard a loud crash and learned that Mr. Bushell had actually  jumped out of a window," Welsh said. "It doesn't sound like he got very far because the officers who were speaking to the female in the front heard the crash and ran around to the back and saw the officers in the back were already taking him into custody, however, not before he was tased as he attempted to flee."

In November, Bushell also tried running from police and got stuck on a fence. At that time he was facing 12 charges. Two months before that he faced felony charges for trying to sell stolen bikes out of a stolen truck. Now Bushell has added nine more charges, including felony Assault with a Weapon and Strangulation to his very long criminal record.

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