A number of people called 911 Saturday evening, reporting that they had been threatened by a man with a knife. Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh says the first incident happened near 9:00 p.m. on the walking trail along West Broadway.

"Two males and a female were walking along the trail and they were being approached by a male and a female from the opposite direction," Welsh said. "Apparently, as they passed each other, there was some misunderstanding, according to the victim. There were words exchanged and, at one point, apparently the other male, 29-year-old Chris Stikney, brandished a knife."

After being threatened with the knife, the victim tried to calm the situation and was able to walk away without injury, but two other individuals had a similar experience just a little bit later.

"They were in that same location, when Mr. Stickney was approaching, while pushing a bicycle," Welsh said. "The two men reported having a conversation in which they were laughing and at one point glanced over at Mr. Stickney, he apparently took offense to that, thinking that they may have been  laughing at him. He then brandished a knife and approached them as well."

Police arrested Stickney for Assault With a Weapon because of the threats, he was also charged with Resisting Arrest.

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