The cause of the Cabin Gulch Fire is still under investigation, but today, July 23, Broadwater County Attorney Corey Swanson Filed Arson charges in a case related to that fire. The fire began on Tuesday and although families were allowed to return to the 40 homes that had to be evacuated, the fire is still burning on about 1,700 acres.

"I charged Robert Alexander Norman with three felony counts associated with the Cabin Gulch fire near Townsend," Swanson said. "One count of Felony Arson, and, in alternative to that, one count of Negligent Arson, which is also a felony, and then one count of criminal mischief which is a felony for destruction of property, disruption of transportation, disruption of communications... those kinds of things."

Swanson says there is evidence for both arson and negligent arson charges, and that one of those charges will likely be dropped after more evidence is gathered. Robert Alexander Norman is currently on probation for criminal endangerment and Swanson says he wanted to file quickly because he feared Norman might be a flight risk.


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