As the old saying goes, "If it's too good to be true, it probably is."  And Jerome Harrell of Maryland learned that the hard way recently.

Washington's NBC 4 reports that Harrell's first car was a 55 Chevy and he had always wanted to get another one. He searched online and finally found one that was in his price range, so naturally, he was pretty excited. He contacted the seller and says that everything seemed legit.

The seller told him that the car was being sold so cheap because she had received it in a divorce settlement. Once she had the money in hand, the car would be shipped from Virginia. Those that deal in online sales would have probably recognized this as a pretty common scam, but Harrell did not.

Harrell was instructed by the seller to send $4,400 from Bitcoin, an uninsured digital currency. He was then told that the car would be shipped within three days. Unfortunately for Harrell, the car never showed up because he had been scammed out of his money.

So now he's out all of that money and has nothing to show for it.


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