Jackass legends Steve-O and Chris Pontius are facing a $12 million-plus lawsuit due to a jet ski stunt that resulted in a man receiving a major head injury. The man allegedly had emergency surgery after suffering a fractured skull and brain bleeding during the stunt.

According to Complex, Steve-O and Chris Pontius approached this man, Michael Vicens-Segura in Puerto Rico a few years ago about doing a stunt on jet skis. The two wanted to recreate their stunt from Jackass: The Movie but instead of playing BMX tug-of-war, it was a jet ski tug-of-war this time.

Steve-O and Chris Pontius planned to drive the jet skis in opposite directions while attached with a bungee cord to see who would get pulled off first. Vicens-Segura was in the water during the incident to hold a jet ski steady due to the waves before the two drove off.

He claims that "as Steve-O and Chris hit the gas, Steve's bungee cord snapped off the harness attached to his back...which he says then flung in his direction and popped him hard on the side of the head, resulting in a massive gash" according to TMZ. Vicens-Segura says he suffered a fractured skull, brain bleeding, had to have emergency surgery and was placed in a medically induced coma.

In the video of the incident obtained by TMZ, you can see the man's face is visibly swollen and his right ear is full of blood. Vicens-Segura claims that he has since lost his ability to work, can't think straight, and still suffers from pain and agony due to the jet ski injury. TMZ says.

He's blaming Steve-O, Pontius and others for the whole thing, suing them for negligence and moreover the alleged incident. He's asking the court for more than $12 million in damages.

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