Steve-O summarized his imagined feud with veteran punk figurehead Henry Rollins on Wild Ride! with Steve-O alongside fellow Jackass cast member Chris Pontius.

It was on last month's (April 22) run of the signature Steve-O podcast that the Jackass Forever star and stunt performer dug up the story in a way that only he can. That means an anecdote involving excessive drug use and a sexual tryst beside Pontius entailing intertwining emissions and the affections of a sole woman.

"This lady I speak of had identified Henry Rollins as a love interest," Steve-O explains. "Apparently, she would make trips to spend time with him. And so I just thought that was so fascinating. I would try to press her for information about him."

Both he and Pontius said they were big Rollins fans.

Steve-O jokingly continues, as if addressing the woman, "I was like, 'So when you're making love with him, he grunts, right? I know he does. Come on, tell me, he grunts.' I can't even confirm that they even had a relationship, but in my mind, I went crazy with it."

He adds, "I went on The Howard Stern Show with that young lady, and she was doing all kinds of crazy stuff. [She] immediately took her shirt off, and she rolled a pool ball out of her boobs onto a lightbulb on my head, breaking the lightbulb. … And I told Howard Stern all about my ideas of what I thought her relationship with Mr. Rollins might've been like."

Alas, Steve-O clarifies, "I just assumed that Mr. Rollins was none too pleased with me. But later, he said he never even heard about any of it."

The Jackass icon's real-life run-ins with Rollins include when he got a tattoo while being driven off-road by the Black Flag and Rollins Band alum in 2002's Jackass: The Movie. Yet, as Steve-O hilariously shared, he first believed a member of Motley Crue would drive.

He recaps, "The off-road tattoo, they told me it was gonna be [Crue bassist] Nikki Sixx driving this hummer. I was snorting cocaine off a picture of Nikki Sixx, waiting for [him] to show up. As if he was gonna be impressed that I was snorting cocaine off a picture of him."

On the same Wild Ride! episode, Steve-O talked about the meanest rock stars he's ever met.

Watch the clip below for the full story of Steve-O's wild blowout that led to his Rollins daydream.

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