When the snow falls in Montana, it usually falls pretty hard. It makes travel a nightmare. What happens if there is an emergency, like, you can't get your pizza delivered?

Fear not. Dominos has just featured a new campaign, which is pretty genius in my opinion. If the roads are too bad for you to get your pizza, they are offering to plow them. Seriously. They are offering $500,000 across 20 different towns in need of plowing assistance. If you think your small Montana town doesn't stand a chance with only 20 towns to pick, you would be wrong. You see they have already started in Manhattan, Montana! This small farm community just down the road from Bozeman has received the following from the campaign according to their website:

  • Snow Plow Attachments
  • A New Pickup Dedicated To Plowing
  • A Used UTV For Plowing Parks, Sidewalks, and Municipal Streets

Check out their promotional campaign video of the streets of Manhattan below:

They have also chosen towns in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and there is still time to put your Montana town on the list. You can nominate here.

Montana is a pretty big place, with a lot of roads to cover, and many (especially smaller communities) just don't have the budget for staff and equipment in the winter for road maintenance. I think this is such a cool idea to give back. The idea is to get you one of their pizzas when the roads are rough, but it's obvious Dominos has their heart in the right place. We've already got one Montana town down, who knows? Maybe we can get them to do a few more!

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