You know that futuristic world you envisioned as a kid? Well, we are living in it right now. It may not seem like it without the flying cars and robot maids, but we are close. Tech is growing more and more every year. Over the course of 20 years, our computers went from being on a desk in our house to being in our pockets at the lake. Innovations in batteries have allowed us to take our devices anywhere and still be connected to the outside world.

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In an age where we see a continued push for electric cars, the supply of batteries is getting higher each day. However, some batteries are doing more harm than good for the environment. Not to mention, the demand for electricity to charge EVs is taxing our power grid. Which is why some US states are considering bans on them. Massachusetts just recently banned certain types of batteries from being sold in the state.

According to Berkshire Eagle

Lithium ion batteries, if damaged or not properly managed, can fail in what's called a thermal runaway event. The batteries basically heat up very rapidly and then can catch fire and explode.

A new ban on lithium batteries was passed in Massachusetts. Some exceptions to the ban include Tesla home chargers and backup storage batteries for schools and hospitals but only with a special permit.

Montana has not seen the amount of EV vehicles as the rest of the country. But, we do have our fair share. Could Montana take a page from other US states and possibly ban lithium batteries? We guess that if these batteries do show that they are as dangerous as reported, then YES I can see Montana representatives talking more about it during the next legislative session.

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