The end of another month means another round of amateur action at Missoula's nekkidest party place, the Fox Club.

If you find yourself road trip and camping free for the extended Memorial weekend, at least you know you can look forward to some fun this Sunday, May 28th. It's Amateur Night at the Fox, so ladies, if you're looking to make some extra summer cash, here's your chance.

I imagine it's probably pretty intimidating to walk into a strip club and say "I want to participate in amateur night," but I assure you, the staff is awesome and you WILL make some money. It'll be fun, and you'll have something to write home about.

Guys, we better not see your drunk ass at the tip rail without any dollars up in front of you! These ladies are brave enough to get up and do their thing, so make sure you bring plenty of tippin' dollars.

And it's not all amateurs, the gorgeous Fox dancers will be on stage, you can look forward to drink specials, and your boy KC is MC'ing. If you can't have fun with that combo, you're not trying hard enough.

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