Organized sports are just one of the many, many industries that have been severely impacted by COVID-19. And college sports have been all over the place - here in Missoula, the Griz football season was originally postponed into the spring, and we just recently found out that they actually won't be in this season's Big Sky athletic conference, meaning we may not see the Griz play at all until this coming fall.

However, the Griz basketball season has been able to go on as planned, relatively uninterrupted - until now, anyway. This year's Brawl of the Wild basketball games against the Bobcats have now been cancelled due to COVID concerns.

The original plan for the games was to have one in Missoula this Thursday and one in Bozeman on Saturday. Now, neither will be taking place. This is actually the first time UM has had to cancel a men's basketball game this season.

The good news is that there will still be some basketball played on those days - even though the men's basketball has been cancelled, the Lady Griz are still set to play their games against the Cats. They'll be in Bozeman on Thursday and then again in Missoula on Saturday.

With the distribution of the vaccine, hopefully sports - and just about everything else - can return to some level of normalcy in the coming months, but for now, it's probably best to play it as safe as possible. And when the fall rolls around, and we finally get to watch some Griz football again, I can only imagine the epic energy that crowd is going to have.

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