Ever have that moment when no matter what you're doing, you wish you were at a live show? I had that moment today, sitting at home. I had about an hour to kill before work and I was instantly drawn to my computer and YouTube. I love watching guitar solos and especially live ones. To me, there's nothing better than an axe-man going nuts and feeding off the crowd.


I remember seeing Five Finger Death Punch live and their newest guitarist Jason Hook was a master at playing off of the crowd. I was pumped and that was one of my favorite concerts ever.

The first video I checked out was Alexi Laiho from Children Of Bodom. This live video is great and shows exactly why I love metal.

The last video I am sharing with you is from Randy Rhoads. Taken in 1981, you can see the pure energy and talent he played with. He is one guy I really would have loved to see live.

Watching these gave me the chills and possibly the metal version of cabin fever. Thankfully, concert season is coming soon! Happy Saturday night!

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