While Metallica may be one of the most successful rock bands of the modern era, drummer Lars Ulrich would rather hang out and get to know the newer bands coming up around them rather than shower them with unsolicited advice.

In a new interview with The Owl Ulrich admits that while in the past the band may have gone out of their way not to mingle with the other bands backstage, all of that has changed. “We always try to go and kind of hang out,” explains Ulrich regarding the backstage camaraderie at large musically diverse festivals. “We definitely had the days of hiding behind the big walls and we may have been guilty of doing some of that stuff in the ‘90s but we really try to put ourselves out there because it’s more fun for us and it’s great to meet other people and immerse yourself in some of that energy that’s out there,” admits Ulrich.

Regarding doling out advice, Ulrich has a simple policy, saying, “I give as little advice as possible, man.” That is not to say that if someone seeks him out, he won’t oblige, he just doesn’t shower unasked advice on anyone. “If somebody asks me, I’ll try to just answer their sincere questions, but we don’t walk around like some sort of elder statesmen,” said Ulrich.

Ulrich said that there’s a large part of him that still gets excited whenever he’s around artists he admires. “I’m 48 going on 16,” Ulrich explains. “When I’m around Jack White or when I’m around Dave Grohl or when I’m around people like Neil Young or whatever, I’m like a f—ing kid in the candy store myself. When I went down last year to see, you know, Muse and The Arctic Monkeys and Black Keys and whatever else, I mean, these are great experiences for me too.”

Metallica closed out Saturday night of the Outside Lands festival last night (Aug. 11) at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, Calif.

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