I noticed a happy little collection of recordings on my DVR the other day. I had been oblivious to that fact that NEW Metalocalypse episodes began airing 3 weeks ago. I know I am not the only one. I though Angel was gonna cry when I told her she missed the first two episodes. I am just happy that my DVR was smart enough to catch them for me. And so far this season is off to a good start. They are back to only being 15 minutes long. But they pack a good story into that 15 minute long episode. So far this season Nathan Explosion does the unthinkable, and dates a fan. And the band also takes a lesson in "celebrating diversity" after being accused of being racist.

Now if you want to learn how to "play" like Dethklok. Metalocalypse creator, Brendon Small, is offering up free weekly video lessons on how to "sred." He calls it his weekly "Shred-ucation."

Lesson 1 - "The Gallop"

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