Holy shit, it feels like forever since we all got together for a really kick ass night of live rock, it was so great to see everybody at the Ministry show!

Ministry played The Wilma on Tuesday, April 3rd and after a few of their more politically charged songs, Al Jourgensen announced "you paid for a ticket, you paid good money to be here, thank you sticking with us and all of our activist bullshit, here's what you paid to hear." And then the crowd exploded to "Just One Fix."

Most of us were hoping to hear "Jesus Built My Hotrod," but I imagine that's a tough song to do without Gibby Haynes of Butthole Surfers. Regardless, it was an incredible show, Al really is at the top of his game and reportedly has an exercise bike on the road with him to keep him fit for stage antics. \m/

Thanks to Jason "Jack Bastard" Ballard for the shot of the set list and to Shawn Whitney from Rockstar Radio for the stage shots. And special thanks to guitarist Sin Quirin for giving Missoula a note to skip work the next morning.

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