I can remember the story of an orphan elk that was taken in by a herd of antelope near Canyon Ferry in Montana. It was almost like something straight out of the movie "Elf." A person could drive by the herd and see a bunch of tiny pronghorns and a giant brown elk. Almost like something out of "The Jungle Book."

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Elk herds can be pretty accepting of other species incorporated into the herd. Just recently a missing donkey in Wyoming was spotted blending in with a local elk herd.

An Instagram account, maxfennell, shared a video at the end of March showing a donkey living as an elk.

In the comments, the former owner (drewryo414) of the donkey writes

That is in fact Diesel. He got away from me while packing out there 5 years ago. It was heartbreaking at the time. Glad to see he is helping the heard grow.

Now I have seen some pretty crazy things on a Montana elk hunting trip. But, I don't know how I would react to seeing a donkey running with an elk herd. It would be a jaw-dropping moment. I am just happy to see that the donkey has found his community. 

Why do I get the feeling that we have all seen this movie before? It's like "ELF," "JUNGLE BOOK," and "ICE AGE" all rolled into one.

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