Having two dogs to greet me at the door after spending a long day at work makes life so much better, especially rescue dogs that are so happy to be part of your family. The Missoula Animal Control is all about promotion responsible pet ownership, and sometimes they find dogs that are looking for their furever home like the 4 year old female German Shepherd Gypsy!

As you can see Gypsy is a very pretty 4 year old, who is ready to settle down with a family that loves her unconditionally. She may need some help when it comes to manners, but that's something we could all use. :) Gypsy is a little bit clumsy but only because she doesn't realize how big she is. And if it were up to her, she would be the only animal so she can get all the love and attention.

One thing is for sure, Gypsy won't be around long with that big smile of her's. One family is going to be very lucky to add her to their family. If you want more information on Gypsy or the dogs at the Missoula Animal Control you can call them at 406-541-7387 and keep an eye on their Facebook page because they often post about animals there.

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