A Sunday morning fire at an apartment complex on S.O.S. road near Seeley Lake has led to an arson investigation.

"We had a three unit apartment complex on fire," said Seeley Lake Fire Chief Bob Vanden Heuvel, who arrived on seen with a team of nine volunteers. There was a report from a neighbor that smoke was coming out of the place. When I arrived, there was smoke coming out of the eaves at both ends and fire coming out of the window."

No one was inside and crews were able to contain the fire to the southernmost unit of the complex. Upon investigation, though, Vanden Heuvel says there were signs that the fire was not accidental.

"The fire is suspicious in origin, Vanden Heuvel said. "It's under investigation. I've handed it over to the State Fire Marshall. I'll still do my investigation of fire spread and that sort of stuff, but the investigation is now in the hands of the State Fire Marshall and Bob Parcell from the Missoula County Sheriff's Department."

According Parcell, accelerants were used to start the fire, which he described as "probable arson." Parcell also said that there are currently “persons of interest” under investigation.

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