Every once in a while the perfect material surfaces and a tsunami of memes takes over the world. The internet has been on fire with Bernie Sanders pictures since last week! I'm guessing by now you've seen some sort of doctored picture that happens to include the Vermont Senator as he's all cuddled up in his parka and stylish mittens. Him sitting on the bench with Forrest Gump is one of my favorites. I couldn't scroll through 10 posts on Facebook last week without seeing some picture with a superimposed Bernie sitting in his chair from the Inauguration - an by no means am I complaining because they were all fantastic!

And it wasn't just random people's pictures and classic album covers that got Bernie Sanders makeovers - all kinds of businesses were getting in on the action by pasting him into photos of their establishments. Did you happen to see any Missoula businesses get in on the fun?

I think we can all relate to the feeling of Bernie waiting for the day that Griz football games return - especially after the news that the University of Montana won't be playing in the Big Sky Conference's shortened season that was set to begin next month.

I'm guessing Bernie was just at the Run Wild Missoula meeting to serve up the registration reminder. He seems more like a treadmill kind of guy than a runner.

****There's also some good pictures you can check out from The Rhino and The Fox Club - but I'm too dumb to figure out how to embed the images into this blog.****

This one isn't a post from a business. But I had to mention it because it was the first one I saw that featured the 'M'.

And finally, this isn't a Bernie meme - but thumbs up for this Twitter post from last week that jokes about a Bernie Sanders doppelganger here in Missoula.

What other local Bernie memes have you seen? Share them if you've seen some good ones!

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