The Missoula County Attorney’s Office was rather busy during the first week of the New Year. County Attorney Kirsten Pabst says her office filed 10 new complaints.

“Three of those were violent crimes,” Pabst said. “One endangerment crime, three property crimes and a couple drug cases. On the violent crimes front, there was a violation of an order of protection third or subsequent offense, which is a felony. There was also a partner or family member assault second offense. Rounding out that category, a man was charged with assault with a weapon.”

According to Pabst, there were two unique cases as well.

“One was possession with intent to sell,” Pabst said. “The defendant was arrested on a warrant and then allegedly had a fairly large quantity of meth in her bodily cavity. Then there was a tampering with evidence case that involved a similar situation. A man was providing a urine sample and then officers located a urine container taped to his person.”

The crime didn’t stop there. Law enforcement also arrested a man for crashing into a liquor store during a high speed chase. There were a couple burglary cases, three property crimes and a criminal mischief case. On New Year’s Eve, a defendant allegedly punched a hole in the wall of a friend’s residence and then punched a TV.

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