Every year around this time, people show an elevated interest in the paranormal. Well, we have a special treat for you: the story behind one of the most haunted locations in Missoula. Our friends at Paranormal Montana have put together a great re-enactment of some of the reports that a local home may be haunted by a demon. The stories are true and TSI has evidence to prove it.

Tortured Souls Investigations has shared stories of multiple haunted investigations that seemingly involved demonic activity. Investigators have claimed to be scratched during seances, with three scratch marks on their necks and back. The three marks are said to signify a mocking of the Holy Trinity. TSI investigators have also shared of hearing demonic voices come through devices as an electronic voice phenomenon. The voices were believed to speak the names of particular demons from ancient publications.

According to Quora.com, there are signs that your home may be haunted by a demon

A foul odor almost like death, voices/whispers either about you or directed towards you, shadowy mists from the corners of your eyes or the feeling of a heavy presence next to you, loss of sleep, nightmares, confusing interpersonal relationships, things being manipulated in ways that make you feel vulnerable or look mentally unstable, loss of self love, and self worth. Fear. Rejection of the Holy Spirit. Always feeling cold. Animals behaving strangly. Missing items. Becoming isolated and falling into a depression. Knocking or banging on walls. Electrical short circuiting.

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